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It is with absolute confidence and a great pride that I commend my daughter in the gospel Evangelist Angelae Alexander.  I offer my complete endorsement for consideration in any future ministry and/or business endeavors for which she may pursue.  Angelae has served at Greater Pentecostal Temple Kansas City KS under my leadership for approximately the past 20 years, (1996-present).  The Lord has graciously used her in many capacities, Preacher, Teacher, Praise and Worship Leader, Pulpit Facilitator, Prison Ministry Outreach, Women’s Ministry and Sanctuary Choir member, to name a few.  She has faithfully served the people of God and been an asset as well as a blessing to the ministry at large.  I have experienced and witnessed her dedication and devotion first hand and am proud of her progress and growth under my leadership and in general.  Her love for the people of God and the work of the ministry, along with her laughter and optimistic attitude is infectious to anyone in the room. She has shown herself to be honorable, steadfast, and obedient to all that God has called her to accomplish, not only in ministry but also in her education and business. She is a strong leader, a good listener, and has been an example of integrity in ministry. Any ministry, church or business would be blessed beyond measure to have Angelae minister and share the word of the Lord through preaching, teaching, exhortation, motivation, inspiration, encouragement.  I sincerely hope and pray that God blesses her future endeavors in ministry and business. I am honored to have watched her bloom and grow into a vessel of honor and mouthpiece for the Lord. Bishop Dr. Marvin E Donaldson.

Bishop Dr. Marvin E Donaldson,

Senior Pastor, Greater Pentecostal Temple, Kansas City KS

The Lord's Chosen, Angelae Alexander has arisen like a Modern Day Queen Esther, to bring a clarion sound that pulsates with the heart of God, touching the hearts of men and women, on every Continent and Shore. The DNA of Divinity is in her voice, the penmanship of Humanity is on her Pen. Her words come from a Wholesome Place, bringing Healing, to those, who are called to the 'Secret and Public Place.' HEAR YE HER!

Apostle Brian Keith Williams D.D.

Presiding Prelate, Apostolic Network of Churches, Inc.

Angelae Alexander first I must say I'm honored to asked to speak on her behalf. I've known for a number of years and have been in a number of services where I've seen the anointing overwhelmingly erupt and masterfully use her in deliverance, healing, and releasing a blessing over the place. She's brilliant, articulate, her smile warms you and prepares you for correcting in God! Angelae is shifting in this 21st century and soon her name will become a household word. Get ready she's not late but in time on time and poised for the next NOW!!!!

Bishop Dr. Steven Foster

Pastor of Released Ministries International, Orlando, FL

Evangelist Alexander is a necessary piece in the body of Christ. She is a combination of honesty, grace, and wisdom! She strives to present herself and her brand with class and excellence! She is unique because she supports on the level that she expects to receive, which is rare. I look forward to seeing her rise in ministry, life, and business!

Minister George D Moore

Motivational Speaker-Author, Atlanta Georgia

A truly uniquely talented vessel of God endowed with a true heart of worship.  I can truly say without any hesitation that she understands how to endure the process to obtain the blessing. So often we see men and women that say they trust God but when faced with adversity their action prove something completely different. Angelae has been persistent in her faith with no regards for the circumstance she might have found herself in. She has the ability to smile in the face of trouble and laugh at the railing poised against her by the adversary.  I am truly honored to know such an outstanding servant of God and extraordinary individual as Angelae Alexander. The blessings of Abba upon you and everything you endeavor to do. Greatness shall forever be your portion.

Pastor Ronald Bryant

Bethesda Christian Center, Houston TX

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As the famous adage goes, "when a person shows you who they are, believe them".  This statement works to the advantage for my SISTER-IN-CHRIST, Angelae Alexander.  The power of the Holy Ghost that dwells in this anointed Woman of GOD is extraordinary.  In my years of knowing Angel (as I affectionately refer to her), she has never wavered in her no nonsense and steadfast witnessing for the LORD.  Angel believes in praise and worship.  She gives honor to the most-high GOD, JESUS CHRIST. The thing that impresses me most about Angel is that she is careful that her ministry remains an extension and a continuation of CHRIST ministry.  She believes in the WORD of GOD as it is written and stands firm in her conviction.Angel is faithful and generous. You see, she could care less about titles or how many initials are behind her name or yours.  The anointing on her life and what GOD requires of her is far more important.  She is such an inspiration in my life.  She is always willing to offer encouragement and words of wisdom to anyone in need.This is a woman full of integrity, yet courteously respectful of others.  Yes, Angel is my friend. I am thankful for the place she holds in my life and my heart. Her ministry is new to some, but the ground work has been laid for her success because she relies on the only source she believes.......THE BIBLE.

Diana Harris

Kansas City KS

I have had the pleasure of being not only a friend, but sister and prayer partner of this awesome Woman of God. I believe that every encounter you have with Angelae will be exactly what you need to grow in the things of God. I am in awe of the anointing on her life and the progress that I have personally seen in her life. Blessings and favor rest on her life and you will be forever changed by her ministry.

Michelle Fulton

Kansas City, MO

Angelae Alexander’s wonderful periscopes of encouragement and teaching are truly a blessing! Angelae’s charismatic personality serves Gods word caringly, one bite at a time, feeding and strengthening the heart. With an incredibly loving bold spirit to teach and share the Word of the Lord, she has helped water seeds of faith while planting the Word of God in the hearts of many she blesses to learn and grow. God bless this woman of God!

Darius Hinton

San Mateo CA

Angelae words of wisdom, knowledge and love for the Lord has been a blessing to me. It is evident that her words of encouragement are spoken from the word of God. Many blessings to this mighty woman of God for her works of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Marilyn Moore-Cashier

Kansas City, MO

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